Hey World!

Before you leave!

This blog and homepage is under construction. Due the fact that Im currently implementing my own little wordpress theme and the rather embarassing circumstance that my design knowledge is pretty ...eehhm... basic, you'd better stay patient until you see the procution level of this blog...That can last several weeks.

I am a 21 year old german programmer and hopefully somewhen in the future a freelancing security consultant. In the foreseable future, I'll post here audit sessions, papers and tutorials on this blog. I would consider myself as a whitehat, so don't expect illicit stuff from me. My favourite programming languages are Python and C. Everything I do for myself and can be painless done in those programming languages, will be done in one of these.

Maybe you ask yourself what incolumitas.com means?

Well, it's the latin translation for safety and since every good domain name is already taken, I just switched to a different language (latin if you're curious) and a not so common word for safety. The DNS name matches perfectly my needs, because it points directly to the main intention of this site:

Offering security services.

You can hire me. Don't hesitate to ask me anything...