My main development is done in Nodejs, Typescript and Python (using Django for web development and Celery/Redis for asynchronous tasks). Recently, I have picked up quite a bit of modern JavaScript, because it is the most used language when developing data extraction / crawling tools.

Some JavaScript frameworks I used a lot recently: React,, puppeteer, express, serverless.

For my master thesis, I used a lot of good old C, because it involved fuzzing with AFL and LibFuzzer.

I know a bit of web design too, but tend to avoid it in favor of CSS frameworks such as, bootstrap or

Currently, I am interested in creating reliable, distributed and queue-based scraping infrastructures, because I need them for scrapeulous.

My most recent projects are:

  • Bot Detection Test - This is a puppeteer/playwright bot detection page. It implements widely known bot detection tests. This page is constantly under development and tries to incorporate the most recent bot detection techniques.
  • Breaking Google's Audio ReCaptcha - In this project, I make use of a method from 2019 that demonstrates how to solve the audio ReCaptcha with Googel's own Speech to Text API. This method still works, which is quite astonishing.
  • Detecting AdBlock with JavaScript only - This tiny library detects when website visitors have an active AdBlock plugin installed. It is based on JavaScript only and thus is very easy to setup. The approach is very reliable and will very likely don't cease to work.
  • Distributed crawling infrastructure - Distributed crawling infrastructure running on top of serverless computation, cloud storage (such as S3) and sophisticated queues. This software allows you to crawl and scrape the Internet in scale. It supports basic crawling via http as well as sophisticated crawling with the help of a heavily customized headless chrome browser controlled via puppeteer.
  • struktur.js - A way to extract structured information from any visually rendered HTML page. This project aims to deprecate the scraping of websites with CSS selectors and Xpath queries. I don't have enough time to push it forward, but I like the idea a lot and I think it has a tremendous amount of potential.
  • scrapeulous - A scraping platform, aiming to solve many annoying tasks when developing scrapers/crawlers. Currently, scrapeulous focuses on search engine scraping. In the near future, scraping of any website will be possible.
  • se-scraper - The successor of GoogleScraper that builds on top of puppeteer, written in JS.

Some old projects of mine:

  • GoogleScraper deprecated since 2018, gathered 2200 stars on Github and taught me that there is a demand for data extraction and scraping.
  • SVG Captcha A captcha implementation with SVG.
  • Lichess Bot based on Stockfish engine