This page is about my business and personal projects.

My main development is done in Python, using Django for web dev and Celery/Redis for asynchronous tasks. Recently, I have picked up quite a bit of modern Javascript, because it is the most used language when developing data extraction / crawling tools. For my master thesis, I used a lot of C, because it involved fuzzing with AFL and LibFuzzer.

I know a little bit of webdesign too, but tend to avoid it in favour of CSS frameworks such as or bootstrap. I'd love to learn a modern web dev framework like Reactjs, but I simply don't have the time.

Currently, I am interested in creating reliable, distributed and queue-based scraping infrastructures, because I need them for scrapeulous.

My most recent projects are:

  • struktur.js A way to extract structured information from any visually rendered HTML page. This project aims to deprecate the scraping of websites with CSS selectors and Xpath queries. I don't have enough time to push it forward, but I like the idea a lot and I think it has a tremendous amount of potential.
  • scrapeulous A scraping platform, aiming to solve many annoying tasks when developing scrapers/crawlers. Currently (August 2019), scrapeulous focuses on search engine scraping. In the near future, scraping of any website will be possible.
  • se-scraper The successor of GoogleScraper that builds on top of puppeteer, written in JS.

A new project of mine (November and December 2018) is a introduction into machine learning. The following blog posts cover the topic:

Some old projects of mine:

  • GoogleScraper deprecated since 2018, gathered 2000 stars on Github and taught me that there is a demand for data extraction and scraping.
  • SVG Captcha A captcha implementation with SVG.
  • Lichess Bot based on Stockfish engine