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Whenever I have difficulties solving a particular problem, I try to put it into words. This process has two advantages:

  1. Fresh blog articles are created
  2. The problem at hand is solved by properly defining and describing it

For that reason, I am writing this blog.


I am a 29 year old Computer Science professional, having graduated with my B.Sc. in Information Systems in 2016 from the University of Hamburg and with a Master in Computer Science from the Humboldt University (2019).

I visited highschool in Switzerland/Bern and spent the first twenty years of my life in beautiful Switzerland. I am currently living in Berlin, but I am interested in either going back to Switzerland or even changing the continent for a couple of years.

I like to work remotely and travel to far away countries, attempting to simultaneously explore while providing for myself. I like to connect to interesting people around the globe and I am open to collaborating on interesting startup ideas.

Bachelors Thesis

My bachelors thesis about typosquatting programming language package managers in 2016 gained some popularity. There, I demonstrated how it is possible within weeks to intrude into more than 17.000 unique systems by typosquatting package names on PyPi or npmjs.com. As far as I know, this security vulnerability is still unfixed in late 2018.

See my original blog post here. An news article from Heise and an article from ars technica. A year later the large IT portal Golem wrote also about my thesis.


Currently, I am interested in web scraping / information extraction, large scale crawling, machine learning and always IT security.

Expertise and skills

  • Pretty broad knowledge of applied IT security and cryptography
  • Fluent programming skills in Python
  • Intermediate programming knowledge of Nodejs and Typescript and latest ECMAScript
  • Intermediate Django knowledge
  • Intermediate Reactjs knowledge with ant.d
  • WiFi programming and security knowledge about wireless networks
  • Asynchronous IO, select, poll, epoll
  • Chess on a 2000 rating level
  • Playing foosball on an amateur level

Freelance work and contracting

I am always looking for interesting freelance work. If you think that my projects and work might be of use for your latest projects, do not hesitate to contact me.

Background of this blog

In the last several years I was interested in web application security. I taught myself different techniques and gained interesting insight into the security scene, but I never really had the motivation to host my own projects and present myself to the abyss of the Internet.

By starting this blog in July 2012, my intention was to feed the community with code snippets and some of my ideas (There are many ideas – too many – but only a fraction that I really realize ).

Nikolai Tschacher

Last update: May 2020