University life

I am a 27 year old Computer Science student, having graduated with my bachelors in Information Systems in 2016 from the University of Hamburg. I am currently living in Berlin and pursuing a MSc in Computer Science at Humboldt University.


During the last several years I was interested in web application security. I learned many different techniques and gained interesting insight into the 'scene', but I never really had the motivation to host my own projects and present myself to the abyss of the internet.

By starting this blog in July 2012 my intention was to feed the community with code snippets and some of my ideas (There are many ideas – too many – but only a fraction that I really realize ). If you think I might do some programming work for you? Contact me!

Maybe you want to read some of my point of views on the security industry / scene:

  • Anti virus companies are not useful in many cases. These companies earn millions of dollars whilst seeding fear and misinformation. There is no such thing as 100 percent security. I'm going to implement and publish different ways and methods of how to circumvent such antivirus programs. I'm pretty sure that even my virtual private server is hackable with a decent amount of determination.
  • Hacker break into systems. I don't share the completely euphemistic and somehow unrealistic metaphor of a hacker as a slightly socially awkward person who hacks for the sake of his technical amazement. There are many motivations which lead persons to break stuff. I appreciate the amount of creativity and determination required to commit a great 'hack', even if committed by a evil criminal mind, as well as I admire techniques invented by ingenious white-hats to protect the unaware common user...
  • There's no hacker programming language. You can code almost anything in any language. If you judge the work of anybody because you dislike the language, you lose...That being said, I really like Python and C^^

Techniques I tinkered with in the past:

  • Basic understanding of web design and web development (Django and Flask)
  • Basic Knowledge in C (WinApi and Linux System Programming) and Python (3.x)
  • I like the idea behind asynchronous IO. Sometimes I do stuff directly with epoll/select/poll in C
  • Basic programming skills in Java, PHP, Bash
  • Pretty broad knowledge of websecurity

And here some stuff I really want to learn and achieve in the future (Without any order, that'd indicates prevalence) (Updated on 11.11.2013):

  • Learning to speak Spanish fluently
  • Better mathematical understanding (algorithms)
  • Becoming more disciplined with my projects - Often I just begin stuff and never end it.
  • Diving into low level stuff and fiddling around with debuggers/assembler and kernel-land

Maybe you are reading this and think that I might help you in a specific situation or you have a job opportunity for me? I'll happily answer your mails.


And yeah, special greets go out to pgr, you know who you are...