GoogleScraper - A simple module to scrape and extract links from Google.

As of 2019, GoogleScraper is no longer maintained. Please use the modern successor, se-scraper instead.

What does GoogleScraper?

GoogleScraper parses Google search engine results easily and in a performant way. It allows you to extract all found links/link titles/ link descriptions and the total results for you query problematically and your application can do whatever it want with them (Probably some SEO related research)

There are unlimited use cases:

  • Quickly harvest masses of google dorks.
  • Use it as a SEO tool.
  • Discover trends.
  • Compile lists of sites to feed your own database.
  • Many more use cases...

GoogleScraper is implemented with the following techniques/software:

  • Written in Python 3.3
  • Uses multihreading/asynchronous IO (Uses
  • Supports parallel google scraping with multiple IP addresses.
  • Provides proxy support using
    • Socks5
    • Socks4
    • HttpProxy

To learn how to use GoogleScraper, you can read the tutorial.

If you want to download the newest version of GoogleScraper, you can visit its Github Page of GoogleScraper.