First post in the new year!


Happy new year to all of you and let 2015 be a succesful year for us all!

My New Year's resolution is to write at least two blog posts every month and try to get my scraping service on up and running!

Good program to record the desktop/audio on linux

But what I really wanted to share today is an awesome way to record your desktop with audio on Linux. I tried my luck several times with VLC, but it's a freaking pain in the ass to use. Furthermore, VLC will probably never be able to capture the desktop with audio (See this stackoverflow thread for more info).

But I just found an wonderful alternative (one could almost assume that I am advertisting, which is not the case, I swear!):

If you want to visit the home page of the program, click here. Although the home page is very ugly and the program is not longer in active development, it just works like a charm. On Ubuntu you may install it like this:

sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop

Then go to a directory very you want to save the output file and just enter recordmydesktop in a shell.

The program begins to record. When hitting Control-C, the capture stops and the file is written (Which takes a bit time). Then you can play your capture (With VLC for example).


This shows me once more what the most integral parts in the art of software development really are:

  • The most common usage case of the program should be it's default behaviour!
  • Usability is the most important part of any software. Users are frustrated very easily.
  • The program must be robust. If it doesn't work, potential customers are drained away to the concurrence!

All these points apply on recordmydesktop, which makes it very nice to work with!

Hope you got something out of this.