Cross platform Lichess Cheat

Posted on August 12, 2015 in Chess • Tagged with Software, Python, Programming, Chess • 5 min read

Edit: Cheat updated on 1.10.2015

Visit Lichess Bot Projects Page for the newest information for this bot! The description and code below will probably not work anymore!

Hello Everyone

Once in a while I like to play Chess on lichess. But sometimes I get beat up tot harshly, such that I want to take some revenge :D. Recently I created a new cheat for lichess. You can find the whole source code on my lichess cheat github repository. If you want to use the cheat, please follow the following tutorial:

  1. Download and install Python 3.4 (or newer) for your operating system from here: python web site
  2. Add Python to your system path such that you can open python file from anywhere (This step depends on what operating system you are using)
  3. Then download the python cheat from here. It is the file with the .py suffix
  4. Then execute the python cheat file where you downloaded it. Just go to the directory where you saved it and enter in a shell: `python
  5. Open your browser (tested with chrome and firefox) and add the HTTP proxy server in the network settings that is outputted in the …

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A lot of work to do for GoogleScraper in the future and request for comments!

Posted on March 01, 2015 in Googlescraper • Tagged with Software, Python, Programming, Googlescraper • 3 min read

Hello dear readers

I get a lot of mail regarding questions about GoogleScraper. I really appreciate them, but at some stage I cannot answer them anymore. In the last weeks I didn't have a lot of time (and motivation I must admit) to put into GoogleScraper.

The reason is, that I am still unconfortable with the architecture of GoogleScraper. There are basically two ways to use the tool:

  • As a command line tool
  • From another program over the API (programming approach)

and furthermore there are 3 very different modes GoogleScraper runs in:

  • http mode
  • selenium mode which again can be divided in Firefox, Chrome and PhantomJS selenium browsers
  • asynchronous mode

whereas I think that selenium is the hardest to work with (very buggy and complex to program in). This leads to a complex software architecture, mainly because the two operational modes (CLI tool and API) have different priorities of how to handle exceptions.

The CLI tool should be VERY robust and it should to everything it can to continue scraping with the remaining ressources (like proxies, RAM, when lots of selenium instances become an issue, networking bandwith, ...), because the user cannot handle these problems by himself when he calls GoogleScraper …

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Very good program to record audio and desktop on Linux!

Posted on January 18, 2015 in Linux • Tagged with Linux, Software • 2 min read

First post in the new year!


Happy new year to all of you and let 2015 be a succesful year for us all!

My New Year's resolution is to write at least two blog posts every month and try to get my scraping service on up and running!

Good program to record the desktop/audio on linux

But what I really wanted to share today is an awesome way to record your desktop with audio on Linux. I tried my luck several times with VLC, but it's a freaking pain in the ass to use. Furthermore, VLC will probably never be able to capture the desktop with audio (See this stackoverflow thread for more info).

But I just found an wonderful alternative (one could almost assume that I am advertisting, which is not the case, I swear!):

If you want to visit the home page of the program, click here. Although the home page is very ugly and the program is not longer in active development, it just works like a charm. On Ubuntu you may install it like this:

sudo apt-get install recordmydesktop

Then go to a directory very you want …

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