Another wordpress catpcha implementation

Posted on Fr 25 Januar 2013 in Learning • Tagged with Programming, Learning, Security

Hey dear readership and dudelmatz :)

I'm kinda overworked and planned quite a while ago to release my own little captcha implementation to prevent this massive bulk of spam comments I receive on a daily base: It's obnoxious to scroll through this sheer amount of spam comments and delete them. You can't just masstrash them, because you might miss a legit comment and therefore you need to check every single one. I assume the spammer embrace this expected behaviour of a blogger, and therefore exploit it.

So I needed to put …

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Bullet chess challenge :)

Posted on Mo 26 November 2012 in Chess • Tagged with Learning, Chess

I realised once more, that, when I excessively play bullet chess, I tend to stagnate or my performance even goes down the tubes. The reason behind this, I am assuming, the absence of defined goal or when I play without thinking (as far as thinking in bullet chess is the legit word) or other bad behaviour, as listening to music...

Therefore, I will try a little experiment: I play every day not more than 10 bullet games. This is around 20 minutes of playing. But every time I lose, I …

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Short essay about my experiences on

Posted on Mo 08 Oktober 2012 in Learning • Tagged with Learning

Well, it has been a hell of a time since I updated my blog. Honestly, I was kind of unmotivated doing anything on my VPS, but recently I solved some old issues (setting up DNS server, general administration things on my ubuntu 12.04) and I thought: Yeah, it's definitely time to feed my countless readers (yeah, you just met the first time my irony) with new interesting nibbles. And since I am a more or less motivated Spanish student, I thought I could share my pros and cons with …

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