Another wordpress catpcha implementation

Posted on January 25, 2013 in Learning • Tagged with Programming, Learning, Security • 6 min read

Hey dear readership and dudelmatz :)

I'm kinda overworked and planned quite a while ago to release my own little captcha implementation to prevent this massive bulk of spam comments I receive on a daily base: It's obnoxious to scroll through this sheer amount of spam comments and delete them. You can't just masstrash them, because you might miss a legit comment and therefore you need to check every single one. I assume the spammer embrace this expected behaviour of a blogger, and therefore exploit it.

So I needed to put a stop to this violation of my spare time and I created my own captcha. Of course, I first searched for a working and already existing solution (and I am sure there are many which are better then what I came up with), but the one I used is basically crap

Its plugin description states:

Captcha plugin allows you to protect your website from spam using math logic which can be used for login, registration, reseting password, comments forms.

And yeah as I feared this simple elegant captcha is worthless, because math logic is a joke to parse and solve by computers (=>spamscripts). I was pissed and in a mood …

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Bullet chess challenge :)

Posted on November 26, 2012 in Chess • Tagged with Learning, Chess • 3 min read

I realised once more, that, when I excessively play bullet chess, I tend to stagnate or my performance even goes down the tubes. The reason behind this, I am assuming, the absence of defined goal or when I play without thinking (as far as thinking in bullet chess is the legit word) or other bad behaviour, as listening to music...

Therefore, I will try a little experiment: I play every day not more than 10 bullet games. This is around 20 minutes of playing. But every time I lose, I have to to 6 full and slow chin-ups. I'll play on and my starting rating is right now 1924, which actually is pretty high for me. Nevertheless, my goal is to reach ELO 2050. My all time highscore is 1974. Let's go and breake some records...

Ok let the journey begin :)

  • 26.11.2012: 1924 - 1896. Did around 30 chin-ups. Tired as hell. Lost too many times :)
  • 28.11.2012 1896 - 1903. Back in the 1900s. Did lot's of chin ups. My game improved slightly, I think more and deeper. My speed is still to slow...
  • 29.11.2012 1903 - 1900. I am stagnating, I have the impression …

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Short essay about my experiences on

Posted on October 08, 2012 in Learning • Tagged with Learning • 3 min read

Well, it has been a hell of a time since I updated my blog. Honestly, I was kind of unmotivated doing anything on my VPS, but recently I solved some old issues (setting up DNS server, general administration things on my ubuntu 12.04) and I thought: Yeah, it's definitely time to feed my countless readers (yeah, you just met the first time my irony) with new interesting nibbles. And since I am a more or less motivated Spanish student, I thought I could share my pros and cons with

I started learning Spanish approximately 5 months ago, when I began my spontaneous planned trip to Costa Rica. I was brutally thrown into (at least compared to Europe) very poor country and took for 5 weeks Spanish classes. Retrospectively, I'd say that I learned pretty quick how to communicate and express myself, but I completly fucked up my understanding of the language on the long term, because I learned it on the incorrect way. Before I even understood what my discussion partner intented to say and would have exposed me therefore in a silly but perfectly normal situation when I requested the unknown word/sentence, where I would …

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