Fuzzing the WPA3 Dragonfly handshake

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Implementing possible fuzzing strategies with boofuzz against the WPA3 SAE Dragonfly handshake. Dragonfly is the main ingredient of WPA3 certified routers and 802.11 devices.

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Struktur: A completely new approach to web scraping

Posted on in Scraping • Tagged with puppeteer, web scraping, CSS selectors, XPath queries

I will shop an alternative approach to web scraping without using css selectors and XPath queries. We make use of the fact that most web pages visually render the information of interest in a coherent, structured way. This technique requires a remotely controllable web browser such as puppeteer, that is capable of rendering web pages visually.

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Running a WPA3 access point with hostapd 2.7 and SAE/Dragonfly

Posted on in Tutorials, WPA3, 802.11 • Tagged with WPA3, 802.11, hostapd, wpa_supplicant

Tutorial that shows how to run an WPA3 access point with hostapd 2.7 and SAE Dragonfly Handshake.

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Programming to improve your life

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Making use of programming skills

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Discontinuation of GoogleScraper

Posted on in GoogleScraper • Tagged with discontinuation, GoogleScraper, scraping

Discontinuation of GoogleScraper in favor of https://www.npmjs.com/package/se-scraper

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Introduction to Machine Learning in 2019

Posted on in Machine Learning • Tagged with introduction, machine learning, basic statistics

Gentle Introduction into machine learning in 2019

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