I just rummaged through my old hard disk and suddenly stumbled across some old C sources from around a year ago when I played with IAT hooking on windows 7. I will not explain much, but I made the bottom code around a year ago (Thus, in 2012) and it should be able to hook any code (depicted as the handler here) into running processes via the IAT. I suppose the code is not working properly, but it gives a good picture of how an IAT hooking approach might look like.

What'll you do?

Hopefully I'll find some time and motivation (or more appropriate: discipline) to update the little library and finally complete it. Maybe I will also make it compatible with windows 8, but I assume it's not really different from windows 7 (Hell I don't know anything about the windows API)...

#include "main.h"

 * Implements a little library to Hook the WinApi on running programs.
 * Furthermore, the API provides functions too find code caves and little hook templates for the most common scenarios
 * when we use hooking: Intercept function parameters and monitor output...
 * Supports both, 32 and 64 bit Windows XP to Windows 7. The code is …

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