The art of cheating: Making a chess bot following an unusual approach!

Posted on So 26 Januar 2014 in C • Tagged with C,, Cheating, Firefox, Hooking, Chess, Lowlevel, Programming, Security

Table of contents

  1. Preface: Giving first insight into the idea and why I think that hooking into a browser is a good idea.
  2. Many different ways to make browser game bots: Discussion various techniques to write HTTP/WebSocket bots
  3. How does internally look like?: Investigation of the client side behavior of
  4. How the bot works: Explaining how my shared library hooks firefox network functions
  5. Conclusion: Summary of my discoveries
  6. Demo Video and another, better demo video: You might only watch that video, but make sure you …

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IAT hooking

Posted on Sa 07 Dezember 2013 in C • Tagged with C, Hooking, Programming, Security, Windows, Nt, Assembler, Iat


I just rummaged through my old hard disk and suddenly stumbled across some old C sources from around a year ago when I played with IAT hooking on windows 7. I will not explain much, but I made the bottom code around a year ago (Thus, in 2012) and it should be able to hook any code (depicted as the handler here) into running processes via the IAT. I suppose the code is not working properly, but it gives a good picture of how an IAT hooking approach might …

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Web safe Base64 Encode/Decode in C

Posted on Mo 29 Oktober 2012 in Programming • Tagged with C, Programming

A short while ago I needed to implement a little web safe base64 en/decoder and couldn't find any good small example in the width of the internet, so I decided to do my own dirty one. I hope I help somebody with this  little demonstration code...

I used Pelles C Compiler to build this program, but I am optimistic that it works on every common C Compiler, since it's quite close to the C11 standard.


#define MAX_B64_PADDING 0x2
#define B64_PAD_CHAR "="

char * Base64Encode(char *input, unsigned …

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